Friday, 21 October 2022

Mana Tu, Mitey You - Mophead


Today we learnt about different words which were Identity, Unique, Culture and Bully. We first rotated around to each paper with one word written on each paper and wrote down as many words that come to your head when you hear or look at the word. Next we did a freeze frame, what we did for the freeze frame was our teacher would have given us a word from the four that we described about and our group had to do a freeze frame without moving just staying still and these were my groups photos.

Our unique freeze frame is based on our unique height and different skin colour

Our identity freeze frame is based on what we look like.

Our culture freeze frame is based on what culture we were - Samoan, Tongan and Maori

And last our bully freeze frame was based on one girl feeling sad while everybody else is just laughing at her.


Monday, 20 June 2022

Term 2 - Sphero Time!

 This term we have looking at computational thinking. Our school wide theme is "We know the way". This looks at anything to do with directions, navigation or like us in Team 5 we are controlling sphero's. Check out Fifita's animation about a sphero travelling around the world. 

Tuesday, 15 March 2022

Room 2 PENN

 Room 2 were given an opportunity to share their student voice on our Term 1 theme this year: 'Responsibility it's up to you'. They had lots of fun filming and our videographer Khyani is to be commended for her technical skills during the whole process.

We hope you enjoy our video! PENN

Sunday, 28 November 2021


Room 2 are finally back at school in week 6. We are having lots of fun with learning and being very careful around covid guidelines. We are happy to see our friends at school and are working very hard to finish our work for term 4. We are also currently preparing for prize-giving and very excited for you all to see the final product. Check out some of our class pictures! We miss everyone at home too! See you on Monday! Stay tuned for more ROOM 2 BLOGS :) Stay safe everyone!

Thursday, 18 November 2021

Year 7 & 8 Tongan Language Week Resource


This year, Tongan Language Week was celebrated from our homes due to the Covid19 Level 4 Lockdown.

Miss West worked alongside Miss Shaniah and a group of Tongan year 7 & 8 students to create some amazing Tongan resources for us to share on the news and to keep for years to come.

We met online as one of the Team 5 online electives and created this amazing plan together to gather our ideas:

We then went away and the amazing year 7 & 8 children as well as a few of our PES staff, created these resources from home:

Faith-Rose introduces Tongan Language Week for us

Deborah shares about the Teunga Tauolunga


Lesieli shares traditional Tongan Tauolunga dance moves

Vika shares about Ta'ovala

Miss Shaniah shares her knowledge about Tonga and the Tongan Language Week theme

Ms Squires and her kāinga share some Tongan language

Monday, 16 August 2021

Healthy me, healthy you!

  Kia ora everyone! Welcome back to term 3. At our immersion assembly we found out what our topic is this term. The super duper team 5 teachers performed an amazing skit of the Olympics. Very excited to say that our topic is 'Healthy Me! Healthy you!'. Room 2 were very inspired during our whole school immersion assembly and put together lots of their thoughts and ideas regarding our health. 

This topic is all about the importance of staying healthy and for our first inquiry task room 2 we thought of some answers to a simple question. The question was 'What does it mean to be healthy?'. Using our knowledge of the topic we shared our answers on our blog. Check them out!

Here is a detailed explanation of Militina's understanding of what it means to be healthy. The model Whare Tapa Wha is incorporated in his description. We hope you can all learn a thing or two and even take the initiative to be more healthy today! Enjoy! 

 Being healthy has 3 meanings that correspond to having a balanced and content life. Being healthy physically , spiritually and mentally are all the 3 areas you need to balance. We will go one by one and I’ll explain the 3 areas.

Being fit physically is to ensure that you can live longer. There are many diets for what you want to accomplish with your body. For instance low carbs , high carbs and high protein diets are just a few examples of beneficial diets. Before you exercise make sure that you have a clear mind of what you want to accomplish with the diet you choose. Also make sure that you are exercising for yourself and not for other people. Comparing yourself to other people will lower your self esteem and can discourage you from reaching your goals. In the start what you can do to be more healthy is to have more healthy alternatives of whatever you already enjoy eating. For example if you like sweet things try some yoghurt , if you like meat cook some more boiled variations. Having more healthy alternatives will satisfy any craving you have and little by little you’ll see improvements. Being healthier doesn’t come overnight, it is a lifestyle you have to commit to. Remember to always have a few treats every now and then however focus on your diet and try not to fold.

Spiritual fitness is essential for your well being, As much as physical fitness is beneficial your spiritual fitness helps you keep on going. With the aid of Christ and the lord above along with the holy spirit they will fuel you with the power to keep on pushing on. Everyone has their insecurities and things they're not happy with so by confessing these things will help you remove the weight from the shoulders. If your spiritual fitness is not full and healthy then your physical fitness will suffer dramatically. Without proper motivation then you will never be able to pursue your fitness dreams. So make sure to take care of your spiritual well being as well as your physical as you’ll achieve much more with it.

Next we have your mental fitness which is just as important as your spiritual and physical fitness. Your spiritual fitness ties in with your mental well being as without a strong mind your spiritual fitness will neve be healthy. Without your mental fitness your spiritual fitness will never be there as you have to mentally commit to your spiritual fitness as well as your physical fitness. Without your  mental fortitude you will never exercise and without strong belief your spiritual well being will be weak and frail. You are only as strong as your weakest link so you need to strengthen your mental fitness as it is the main component of your fitness. It fuels your physical and mental fitness so you have to fuel it the most as it contributes to the success of the other two areas.

You need mental , physical and spiritual fitness in order to live a happy and humble life. Don’t expect immediate results, it takes time however if you practise with all these areas of fitness then you will see results. Fitness is a hard and gruelling journey that we all start somewhere however with perseverance and hard work you can achieve anything.

Tuesday, 13 April 2021

Julius' Animation

 Check out another animation by the talented Julius. You can check out more ANZAC posts from him here on his blog.