Friday, 9 April 2021

Cybersmart Challenge #8 - Animations on Google Presentation

 Lately, our class has been taking part in the weekly cybersmart challenges set up on our Manaiakalani site. Hi my name is Brendon and this is my boat animation. I've added in some extra detail to make my animation more interesting. I hope you like it.

Friday, 5 February 2021

PES Value for 2021

Each year, Pt England has a value on which we focus on throughout the year. Last year was a bout HOPE (and what a fitting year that was) Kia mau tonu te tumanako - Never lose hope!

This year is about Tiaki Taonga - Cherish our Treasures.
The can be used in many settings and apply to different circumstances. The point is we want our tamariki to cherish what they have. Whether it be the opportunity to learn, the family they have, or the digital affordances we are blessed to have in our school. 

We look forward to sharing more throughout this year. Tiaki Taonga!

Wednesday, 14 October 2020

Art Alive!

This week is our first week of term 4, I'm looking forward to all that's happening but also quite sad since it's my last term here at Pt England School.

Like any other normal immersion assembly's on Monday each team got to present by film/play what they are going to be doing this term. Almost every team presented a video except for team 5 (like normal). Our theme for this term is 'Art Alive' we will be looking at different ways of art. Term 4 is gonna be the term of art!

My favourite two teams were team 5 (not being biased) and team 1. Team 5 had a play where it was based at the museum the teachers acted as art pieces and explained what each art piece meant. Team 1 was a video of the teachers recreating famous art pieces.

I will be looking forward to all of the art related lessons throughout this term! :D

Tha Zin

Monday, 14 September 2020

Our 'moment' - Celebrating Maori Language Week

In 1972 - 30 000 signatures were presented to parliament in a bid to safeguard Te Reo Maori. Today we joined the rest of the nation in remembering and celebrating this moment in NZ history - with Maori being one of New Zealand's 3 official languages. 

To celebrate this moment, we stood and sang 'E Ihoa' and 'Tutira mai' with Whaea Maryanne as a whole school @ 12pm. We also celebrated by writing a kupu/word we know in Maori and sharing it with the class. Check out our 30sec video to celebrate this moment.

Room 11.

Wednesday, 9 September 2020

Taha Whanau task: 5 Values that are important in a Tongan household!

                     Taha Whanau task: 5 Values that are important in a Tongan household!
                                                    Malo e lelei katoa,
  and this week is Tongan language week. Hurray! because as you know I am Tongan. But for you guys who didn't know it's fine.  But let's get to the point. Today we are doing our taha challenges. Which today one is Taha Whanau/family. And for this task we have to write 5 Value that are important in a Tongan household. Which I know very well as I am Tonga LOL! And so  I found this task so fun! designing and explaining about the 5 values, to those who are not Tongan and I also put pictures too. To show you guys about the 5 values. SO I really hope that you enjoy the 5 values. FYI I was really trying to make this look pretty:)

Tuesday, 8 September 2020

How Tongans keep their traditions alive

 Our reading this week is all based around Tongan texts. One of them was Ngatu: Keeping the tradition alive. Here are 5 things I learnt from that text.

Task Description: Like I said on my recent blog posts you may have found out that it is Tongan language week. As our focus for this weeks reading we had to read a book that was related to this weeks special occasion and was called, "Keep the traditions alive" . We had to find 5 things we found help Tongan people keep the traditions alive.