Friday, 31 March 2017

Atareita's Water Cycle Animation

Hey there!! This term, team 5 was given a task to create and animate something around the water cycle. So, i did just that. I added extra by creating buttons which go to different cards with transitions. It was quite difficult, but I got through it. So... here is what I have created for my task this term. Take a look and I hope you enjoy. Oh... and also feel free to comment down below and send me some of your feedback on my animation. Thanks a lot. 


  1. Hi my name is Lau nice piece of work you got there.

  2. Well done. This shows you really understand the water cycle.

  3. Hello there! Oona here! I'm a student teacher from Oregon that will be visiting New Zealand soon! I really like your animation. We get lots of precipitation in Oregon. Below is a small chart that explains just how much we get in the Willamette Valley, where I live;

    Willamette Valley
    Annual averages for rainfall plus snowfall
    Days Place Inches Milli­meters
    166 Corvallis 42.7 1085
    144 Eugene 46.1 1171
    164 Portland 43.5 1104
    144 Salem 39.7 1008

    How do these numbers compare to the amount of precipitation in Auckland? Great job on your animation, there are so many paths water can take! I really like how you made the snow, sleet and hail look different. Very cool, and informative!

  4. beautiful animation atareita i love your water cycle animation it is fantastic