Wednesday, 20 May 2015

How to be Cyber Smart

Today we have been learning about ways we can be cybersmart. Ms Kyla shared a video clip with our class about how spaghetti grew on trees and what to do when it was time to harvest them. Now of course, we all knew spaghetti doesn't grow on trees. So we asked ourselves, how can we check if the information we are watching on the clip is valid? Here are some cybersmart tips we came up with.


  1. Hi Room 5

    These are great steps to follow cyber smart. You have been doing some great learning, keep up the great effort.

    From Linda and Nesi from Panmure Bridge School

  2. Hi Room 5
    I liked it how you gave an really god safety rule. I liked it how you said to find the same information on other sources. Good work.
    Keep it up!!!

  3. I really liked the way you blogged what the work is about and the way you put a image of it up but you could work on images to support it.