Wednesday, 20 May 2020

A message for our friends still at home

Main point:
There's been many rumours going around about school being scary and parents being worried for their childrens' health. Well, here at Pt England School you shouldn't be scared at all. Each student is safe and we all follow the Covid-19 rules. Cough and sneeze in elbow, wash hands thoroughly, use sanitiser, don't touch face or others, and of course be normal. So to all you parents and students don't worry. Each and every school in Aotearoa is following the correct rules to keep every child healthy, safe and Covid free! 

Here at Pt England School we follow the rules. Each student get's their own desk, tray, hand sanitizer before eating, before play time, before touching sports gear, after play, before home time, and every morning to keep germs away! Here at school I feel safe, so no doubt your tamariki will be as safe as I am too! 

Purpose of the image above:
What is this phone presenting? Well, our task today was to create a similar looking phone to show messages between you and someone who isn't attending school during level 2. My phone is a little example. The conversation shows fear from the grey speaker, but the blue speaker has been attending school and feels as safe as a baby. The purpose was to show an example. 

By Leilani

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