Monday, 28 August 2017

Team 5 Speech Finals

Last Friday on the 25th of August there was a speech final in team 5. During the middle block in literacy the top three people in each class was getting ready to say their speech in front of the whole of team 5! Can you
imagine how nervous they could have been? At around 12 every class sat down in the street (Team 5's meeting
area) in our home class lines. There were 3 students in every class, that got chosen, there are 5 classes. So 
altogether were 15 people who read 
their speeches.

 There were 2 beautiful judges, Mrs Judd and Ms Tapuke! They were also filming the speeches. There are two people who will get chosen to say their speech in front of Pt England School. I think that Amelia's speech was good, Mubashshir's speech was kind of like a comedy speech. I was looking forward to listening to Venetia and Yvonne's speeches. Their ones were great too! We are going to find out who is going to be reading their speeches today (Monday, 28th).
By Vinolia

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