Friday, 19 June 2020

T2W10: Inquiry - What is the Biosphere?

Task Description: Sorry for not posting an inquiry for last week but here it is. The sphere we have from last week is Biosphere and that is what I will be sharing with you. Inquiry for the week is going to be doing the one from last week and here it is. This week the inquiry was based on the Biosphere, one of the four spheres. I've learn't so much about the biosphere such as what the biosphere is and all that stuff. I've also learn't a little Greek word and that is life. The word bio from biosphere in Greek is life. That was a bit of a little learning experience for me and how to say life in Greek.

By Deborah

Thursday, 18 June 2020

T2W10: The Story of Matariki

Walt: Synthesise information from a range of texts.

Task Description:
Our learning intention for this week was to focus on our Matariki celebration. Within this presentation we had to focus on multiple texts explaining what Matariki is. We also had questions based from each text that we had to answer. Also on the last slide i've shared a Matariki poster for our younger tamariki to understand  basic facts about it. ENJOY! 

By Leilani

Thursday, 11 June 2020

T2W9: Maths Tasks

Task Description:
This task was followed up by the last task which was "Hmmmm I Remember" looking back on what we could remember about things we'd covered for decimals . This task was an early finishers task. It was based on Decimals and Word Problems put in place together. It was mixed with different types of word problems money decimals and more!

By Lillyana

Wednesday, 3 June 2020

T2W8: Vocabulary Task

Walt: Use New Vocabulary In A Sentence

Task Description: Vocabulary. Learning some new vocabulary. That's what I
just finished doing. If you wish to find out more then look above this text.

By Amira

Tuesday, 2 June 2020

Samoan Groups gift to PES

The theme for this years Samoan Language Week talked about preparing a 'gift'.

Tapena sou oso mo lau malaga - Prepare yourself a gift for your travels.

Last week, our Samoan Dance Group at PES gifted us a beautiful Siva Samoa. It was so graceful and full of story telling and emotions expressed through their actions. Students had learnt this item as part of their fiafia group last term. But due to the lockdown, we were unable to go through with our fiafia night. So our students were able to practice this week and graced us with their beautiful smiles and actions during our school assembly. Such a beautiful gift from our talented alii ma tamaitai (girls and boys). Their tutors were Mr Wright and Ms Timmi. Job well done team!