Wednesday, 14 October 2020

Art Alive!

This week is our first week of term 4, I'm looking forward to all that's happening but also quite sad since it's my last term here at Pt England School.

Like any other normal immersion assembly's on Monday each team got to present by film/play what they are going to be doing this term. Almost every team presented a video except for team 5 (like normal). Our theme for this term is 'Art Alive' we will be looking at different ways of art. Term 4 is gonna be the term of art!

My favourite two teams were team 5 (not being biased) and team 1. Team 5 had a play where it was based at the museum the teachers acted as art pieces and explained what each art piece meant. Team 1 was a video of the teachers recreating famous art pieces.

I will be looking forward to all of the art related lessons throughout this term! :D

Tha Zin