Friday, 27 March 2020

Staying connected during Covid-19 lockdown

The news came fast and week 8 kicked off with 1 day of school before the government closed all schools and started preparing everyone for 4 weeks of lockdown. Luckily, Team 5 were well on their way to being prepared for connecting online and starting our distance learning journey from home.

We were fortunate to kick this off on Tuesday 24th March with students tuning in to their literacy teachers at 9.30am and then their maths teachers at 12.30pm. We quickly got into the routine of things and even managed to have our normal spelling test on Friday with the whole team (the 40+ who managed to tune in) as well as our very own Mrs Flavelle to call out our spelling words.

This was followed by our whole school assembly where all our teachers and support staff jumped online to give out their Duffy certificates. Check out our school site to tune in to our school assembly every Friday.