Monday, 29 July 2019

Kings Reading group

Our group goal for this term is to share our learning onto our blogs and be able to write 2-3 sentences about what we are learning. Check out Silafaga's blog post about Jack and the Beanstalk.

So in literacy we were reading a book called Jack and the beanstalk in my group we took turns reading. The reason why we know how to read and spell is because a beautiful teacher called Mrs Allen and another beautiful teacher called Mrs Ilaoa. Thank you to our two beautiful teachers. So as you can see we were doing sequencing. We put the boxes of events in the right order.

Friday, 26 July 2019

Term 3 Immersion Assembly: There's something in the water

(Point England search the sea)
 This year us kids at Point England School are going to explore the ocean as well as cells. There are many things to explore, many things to be wowed about & many things to be excited for. 

The beginning of the journey- On Monday 22th of July Point England had an immersion assembly. As the second school bell rang many kids came walking into the hall. Our Theme for term 3 was Something in the water or translated in Maori "He mea i roto i te wai". They were confused as our principal, two other teachers & our school prefects were cooking seafood for all the kids & teacher that would like some. There were prawns & different type of fish to eat. They we very delicious.

The movies of the sea- There were many videos that were presented as we ate. Team 1 had an amazing video. Team 1's video was about S.O.F.A which stands for solution of animals.  There movie was about the endangered animals that lived in the sea down at Point England beach. There were different types of animals facts in the videos.

 Team 2's Movie was about animals, trees & plants. There was different types of animals that they were looking at such as seagull, ducks, chickens and many other sea creatures. There were also looking at a Pohutukawa tree. My favourite part was the ending when one of the teacher name Miss Moran. She was so hungry & bored that she asked if she could go online to Uber Eats & get some KFC.

Team 3's movie was about a stronger independent women who wanted to look for a sea creatures that loved the sea & all the animals in it. She searched & searched then came a eel she asked "are you the one I am looking for the one who can look after our animals in the sea" the eel replied " yes I can swim all the way to Tonga & back real fast " She said no I don't need someone like you. She talked to many animals but they were not what she needed until she came across a strong, wise creature. She asked him the same question it replied I have been a look out for ships, humans & our animals. I want to protect our ocean from any harm. You are the one we can work together to look after our ocean & animals.

Team 4's movie was about different things that live in the ocean including what animals eat & what we eat. There were plantains, mussels, crabs & seagull. We learnt that plantains get eaten from mussels & mussels get eaten from crabs. The crabs get eaten by seagulls but the weird part is that humans eat the seagulls anyways. Team 4 have been learning about different animals they see in the sea & compare to what they eat & what eat them.

Team 5 Had a song that they had made up into one big thing about what we would be learning about this term. The song was about cells & what was in them. There were nucleus, genes, DNA & chromosomes each & all of these were in cells. Team 5 was going to be learning about science - Genomics & the origins of life. 

Friday, 5 July 2019

What have I learnt this term?

Our topic this term was a technology based topic around coding delivered through a social studies pathway. "I like your latitude" took us around the world as we discovered the answers to our questions such as, where in the longitude and latitude are you?

Check out Tha Zin, Jedida and Zaeeda's poster about what they've learnt.