Monday, 10 August 2020

Year 7 Step Up Programme

In week 3 our Year 8 students went off to leadership camp. While they were gone, our Year 7 students took part in our Y7 Step Up programme. The aim of this programme was to encourage our Y7 students to step up as leaders and sometimes this means stepping out of their comfort zone. Students were split into 3 groups: Strikers, Duck Life and Team Thunder. Upon their reflections, the team leaders shared how they got to mix and mingle with students they would not have normally worked with and this helped to build relationships across the year level and make new friends. 

Some of the activities we did were solving murder mysteries, art and minute to win it games. It was great to see teams working together and supporting each other throughout the three days. Here is a little snippet of some of the fun we had. Keep stepping up Year 7's!

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