Monday, 7 September 2020

Welcome to Tongan Language week!


Task Description: Some may not know but this week it is Tongan language week! Tonga is a little island in the pacific region that lies within  the biggest ocean in the world together following with Samoa, Fiji Niue and more. I am gladly proud to say I am Tongan but a proud one that lives in New Zealand but still takes her culture as a priority. This week is very important for me and for my fellow Tongans as it is a week of celebrating the place where our ancestors came from. It's also a time of learn about our culture and it's history. The reason why it's called Tongan languages because we are trying to keep the culture going even in this modern time. I'm way more excited because of all the stuff I 've heard we are going to be learning this week. Together with our math, reading and writing we have something that relates to this weeks special occasion. ! " HAPPY TONGAN LANGUAGE WEEK EVERYONE" !

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