Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Room 1's Siva Samoa

As part of our inquiry, every class who goes through Room 5 will be learning about the beautiful and graceful Siva Samoa. We are very fortunate to have Mr Wright to help us and take the boys through a fa'ataupati which is a slap dance. The girls however, once they learnt about the meaning/storytelling behind the actions, were able to choreograph their own actions for their siva Samoa. Check out the girls and boys from Room 1 in action.

Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Life's a Stage

Immersion Assembly for Term 4 was definitely an entertaining one with a dance and drama focus. Our inquiry this term is 'Life's a Stage'. Here are Team 5 teachers doing their best to entertain and act coordinated. We are covering dance in our afternoons learning about different styles of dancing from around the world. In our literacy classes we are covering drama in short skits and acting out different fairy tales with our own spin on it. We were quite proud of our team of teachers in Team 5 for getting up on stage and giving it a go.