Tuesday, 13 April 2021

Julius' Animation

 Check out another animation by the talented Julius. You can check out more ANZAC posts from him here on his blog.


  1. We have been reading Podcasting to the World by Tinei Nua and Ramona Pacai from a 2009 School Journal and just wanted you to know how cool we thought it was. What a fantastic idea. Keep up the good work and enjoy the holidays.
    Mrs Hills, Alyshia, Rupmanpreet, and Bavleen :>)

    1. Hi Mrs Hills, ALyshia, Rupmanpreet and Bavleen!
      That is so cool! Thank you for your very kind comment on our blog. Did you know those 2 authors also came back to Pt England as support workers for our learners the last 2 years. Pretty cool huh? We hope you get to enjoy more animations from our team next term. Enjoy the holidays.
      Mrs Ilaoa & the whole of Room 2 @ Pt England School.